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Sands of Gallipoli Media Competition 2013

Here are the details of the 2013 Keeping the Spirit Alive Competiton (Closed April 25 2013)


Keeping the Spirit Alive - Exploring links to Gallipoli in story, poem and picture

In 2013 we offered media the opportunity to give readers or listeners a chance to be in Gallipoli as part of the 100th anniversary commemoration of the Gallipoli campaign. Sands of Gallipoli proudly sponsored community focused competitions to help keep the ANZAC spirit alive in our communities.

Here's how we did it...
This year (2013) we're asking your readers or listeners to draw a line back to the Gallipoli legend. For the potential one million or so direct living descendants of diggers who served in the Gallipoli campaign it could be about family war stories or keepsakes passed through the ages and how these stories have shaped the family. For others it could be stories about family who are currently serving or who have served, or even commemorative places in their community. For all it can be stories or pictures of inspiration and pride and how they see the ANZAC legend today. It's just about appreciating who we are today is part of what our diggers did so long ago.

For the kids: The 'Little ANZAC's Art Prize' invites kids (up to 12 years of age) to create an artwork depicting the Gallipoli experience. This can be anything from scenes from the battlefield, through to a picture of the local memorial - it's about helping them make their connection.

Prizes: Competition prizes are provided free to participating media outlets. 2013's local prize for your audience is a superb limited edition six medallion set depicting elements of the Lone Pine battle valued at $225.00.

The Little ANZAC's Art Prize is a cuddly 30cm Soldier Bear valued at $24.00. We'll also provide a Little ANZACs Soldier On Art Prize merit certificate so you can make every Little ANZAC artist a winner.

All entrants go into the draw to win the major prize of a Stateroom for two aboard Military History Tours' Gallipoli 100 Tour with return airfares to Istanbul. This amazing prize is valued at more than $25,000.00.

Media outlets select the winning entries for your local awards in a way that works for you, and are free to present the prizes to best promote your involvement in keeping the ANZAC Spirit alive.

The major prize draw will be done by Soldier On in Canberra, Monday 6 May, 2013. Only entries posted to the Sands of Gallipoli community website will be eligible for entry into the draw for the major prize.

Competition Entries 2013
To be eligible for the major prize draw entries must be uploaded to Sands of Gallipoli Keeping the Spirit Alive in 2013 community forum. Entries could be uploaded directly to our site by listeners or readers. We asked the submitter to nominate their local media outlet. All entries related to a media outlet were posted with the outlet's masthead/logo and a link back to their web site. We asked media to forward the entries they received to the community forum so we could include them in the major draw. Radio stations could upload audio files of on-air entries.

Entries 2013:

In words: It was suggested readers/listeners be invited to submit a poem or short story of up to 500 words.

In photographs: Photographs should be accompanied by a short caption explaining the photographer's interpretation of the ANZAC link.

In kids' artworks: Little ANZACs should submit an original painting or drawing.

On Radio: Short interviews (up to four minutes) where callers recount their story about the ANZAC Spirit and the link to the community.

All entries published to the Sands of Gallipoli community site went into the draw to win the major prize of a Stateroom for two aboard Military History Tours' Gallipoli 100 Tour with return airfares to Istanbul. This amazing prize is valued at more than $25,000.00.

Promotion dates: Began soon after Easter and ended 25 April 2013.

Terms and Conditions 2013
Terms and conditions will be in accordance with the ANZAC Spirit - of mateship and honour. We think you best know your audience so how you approach the competition, prize draws and promotions is up to you. We just ask that you help us promote Sands of Gallipoli so that we can continue to do our bit in keeping the ANZAC Spirit alive while helping the wonderful work of Soldier On. Please use our product promotions or community service announcements regularly through the contest and, where possible we would appreciate the inclusion of the following passage in stories related to the competition.

"Sands of Gallipoli commemorative products are available from participating Australia Post outlets or online at Sandsofgallipoli.com.au. This year 10 per cent of proceeds is going to Soldier On to support its work with today's servicemen and women who have been wounded psychologically or physically in the service of our country."

There are Terms and Conditions for entrants which can be viewed here.